Guide to the Carrida Detect App and Wrapper for Android

Copyright:2018-2019 Vision Components GmbH, Germany
Author:VC Support

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1   Introduction

This is the documentation for the Carrida Detect App and wrapper for Android. The method names and the structure of some classes are quite similiar to their native counterparts.

2   Carrida Detect Android-App

2.1   Installation

Copy the APK file to your mobile phone and open it using a file manager. Tap on the APK file and the Android installer should appear.

As the app is currently not available on the App-Store, users need to enable the "Allow apps of unknown origin" in the security settings of Android.

After installing and starting the app, the main menu should appear.


2.2   Activation

A valid license is needed to use the app. User with valid product keys can use the online activation to request a license. Here users can enter the product key into the text filed in the License activation menu. The App will contact Carrida License Server, which will hand out a license if the product key is valid. If everything no error occured, you should see the following screend:


By pressing the button Switch to Offline Activation, users can perform a offline activation. This allows users can request a license by going to the License activation menu and tapping the Request Activation button. This will generate an email that will be sent to and the request will be processed. After clicking on the Request Acivation the user will be prompted to choose an e-mail adress that will be used to send the e-mail.

If everything is alright, another license will be sent to the user. To activate or update your device, tap on one of the corresponding buttons and choose the downloaded license file in the Android file manager.

If everything worked correctly, you should see the following screen:


2.3   Classifier

Trying to use the analysis functions of the app without having iadded classifiers will prompt the following message:.


A classifier has to be added to the app in order to make use of the app and its functions. Classifier help to better identify license plates from different regions of the world. Contact to get one.


This is similiar to the license activation process. Just tap on the "Add Classifier" button and navigate it to the Classifier file.

The Classifier will be added to the app and a default profile will be created. Now you can get started.

2.4   Profile Settings

By opening the settings, profiles can be added, modified, removed or be chosen as default.


The parameters influence the precision and the speed of the image analysis. The classifier for a given profile can be changed here as well.

2.5   Taking a Photo


With this option, photos will be taken with the phone's camera and the resulting images will be analyzed. Information gathered this way is represented in a way shown in the picture above.

2.6   Visualizer

Another function of the app is the visualizer. Your phone's camera is used to get a live-image that is processed by the Carrida LPR engine. If a plate is found, the app will visualize it on your screen.

3   Wrapper - Setup

To use the wrapper, the "carridawrapper.aar" file is needed.

This file can be included in e.g. your Android Studio project[1]_ .

To run the new app, the Carrida library and the wrapper library are required. The libraries can be loaded in Java by using the System.load function:

System.loadLibrary("lprcarrida"); System.loadLibrary("CarridaWrapper");

PLEASE NOTE, that the Carrida library needs to be loaded BEFORE the wrapper library.

4   Wrapper - Documentation

Please see the JavaDoc (open index.html in a browser of your choice).

5   References