Windows Development with the Carrida SDK

Copyright:1996-2018 Carrida Technologies GmbH, Ettlingen, Germany
Author:VC Support

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1   Intended Audience

This technical note is aimed at Windows software developers who want to develop their own applications with the Carrida SDK on x86 or X64 Windows systems. This document gives short introduction to the usage of Carrida SDK. For the full SDK documentation please refer to doc/SDK/index.html document.

2   Overview

lprcarrida is to be installed using the standard Windows procedure. The default paths for installation are:

  • C:/Vision Components/lprcarrida/SDK ... the complete SDK
  • C:/Vision Components/lprcarrida/carridademo ... a GUI demo program

After installation the sdk folder contains the following items:

  • The SDK itself
  • Configuration files
  • Demo projects
  • svcapture library

Note: If the 64-bit version of the Visual Studio redistributable is required, you can install it from the install folder.

4   Use of svcapture library

Windows distribution includes additionally svcapture library, which can be used to read images from different type of streams - video files, folders with images, rtsp or http streams, connected usb cameras. The deployment with the svcapture library is similar to lprcarrida. Following paths contain the svcapture development files:

  • C:/Vision Components/lprcarrida/sdk/svcapture/include ... include files
  • C:/Vision Components/lprcarrida/sdk/svcapture/lib ... library files (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • C:/Vision Components/lprcarrida/sdk/svcapture/bin ... DLLs (32-bit, 64-bit)

5   Development under Visual Studio

When using Carrida C++ interface, following compiler version has to be used:

  • VS2012 for versions with hardware protection
  • VS2015 for versions with software protection

When using C interface, any compiler version can be used.

Note that the Carrida library is protected against debugging. There is a not protected debug version available which can be acquiered separately on demand. The reading performance of the debug version will be significantly worse than release one.

Note that the default license allows using of one lprcarrida instances which can use up to 4 CPU cores. Wenn Carrida is system terminated e.g. with Ctrl+C in terminal, there is a delay of about 3 minutes before LPR object can be initialised again.