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Carridademo Region file Documentation

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1   Introduction

Region files are files that contain state/country specific information. This information can for example be the size and the font of letters and numbers, plate dimensions, format etc. Region file packages contain different countries and the full list of supported countries/states can be found in Supported countries documentation. To acquire region files contact the support center, the email address is written on top of the document.

Using the suitable region file will improve the accuracy of the plate recognition according to the country/state parameter. They support ALPR with features that make recognition easier and more reliable.

The "world" file is provided as a default feature. It is suited to read license plates containing Latin letters (A-Z) and Arabic numerals (0-9). It does not contain state or region specific recognition information. For that reason ALPR outputs state recognition result as "WORLD" with "0%" recognition certainty.

Illustrated on the image below are two different readings of a same vehicle. Image on the left is using the world region file, and image on the right is using a suitable European region file.


On this example it is visible that there was a slight increase of recognition certainty if the proper region file is applied.

Uploading a correct region file will improve reading accuracy and recognition speed. How to properly add such files to ALPR SW read in the continuation of the manual.

2   Uploading region files

Relevant region files are provided together with Carridademo software. They are located in a zip file. Follow the steps described in the table to properly upload the file.

Step 1.   Step 2.
i1   i2
Folders containing region files are provided in zip format. Once the folder is unzipped (as shown in image A) it should contain the files shown in the image B. For this example usa region files are used, the name differentiates by the requested area.   Select and copy the .ini file and the data folder (image A). Go to C:\CarridaTechnologies\ Carrida_X_X_X\carridademo and paste the items in the folder. This should create a new .ini file in the Carridademo folder and a .dat file in the data folder. In this example X_X_X is a placeholder for the software version number.

When the region file is copied correctly, the data file should contain the world_001.dat file and the new .dat file, (in this example the usa_004.dat file). If this did not happen repeat the last steps with more caution.


Note Sign

The Carrida folder name will be different depending on the version installed.

3   Using region files

After copying the files described in the previous step open (restart) Carridademo. On the right part of the GUI is the Region file field as illustrated on the image below.


Click on the arrow to open a drop down list and the newly added region file should appear. Selecting it on this list will automatically set it as a default region file. When using multiple region files switch between them by choosing the wanted file on the list and it will be set as default, only one file can be active at the time.

If for some reason the required region file did not appear on the list make sure that the program was restarted, or repeat the previous upload of the file.

To view included countries of operating region files click on the Information button in the continuation of the region file field.

The button with the Information symbol in the continuation of Region file setting contains information of all the countries included in the region area.