Technical Application Note 007

Licensing options for Carrida

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1   Introduction

The Carrida 4 SDK needs to be licensed before first use. To this end several different methods to create a valid license are provided.

Method Platform Description
USB Dongle Linux/Win USB hardware dongle.
c2v, manual Linux/Win Fingerprint c2v using fplc tool. Contact sales for v2c activation file.
PK, Web Portal (offline) Linux/Win Fingerprint c2v using fplc tool + license creation in web portal using PK.
PK, Server in local net Win Device activation using local Server + PK. Suited for mass activation of Linux devices.
Windows Tool Win Device activation using a Windows GUI program. Allows one click activation of a PC.
PK, Web Portal (online) Win Activate using the Carrida Web Portal and embedded browser code. Allows online activation of a PC.
License transfer Win Transfer a license from one PC to another.

Manual activation using the fplc tool
Uses a local c2v and corresponding v2c fingerprint and file. The fingerprints are created using the fplc tool, as well as activation of a local license. Interaction with Carrida Sales is necessary in order to obtain the v2c activation file.

Automatic activation using the fplc tool and Product Key
The fplc tool can autmatically activate a device using a valid product key. Call fplc with -P option.

Offline activation using a product key
The product key is valid for a defined number of activations of a specific license. The product key is a 32 byte unique hex ASCII key. Login to the Carrida licensing web portal is validated by the PK only, no other credentials are required. The fplc tool is also required for this method to generate a c2v file.

Online activation using proxy server

A proxy (intermediate) server in the local network at the customer site receives activation requests from clients in the local network and delegates those to the external Carrida activation server in the cloud. The proxy server needs a SW tool provided by Carrida and a valid product key.

The proxy server runs on Windows, the clients are currently restricted to Linux systems.

Activation using the Carrida online activation tool
The Windows GUI tool allows the activation of a local PC using a valid product key. The user is guided through activation using the SW.

Online activation on Windows with the Carrida web portal
This method creates a c2v and v2c file using code within the web-browser. A valid product key is required.

License transfer
Transfer a license to another PC using a 'rehost' function. This works currently only on Windows machines.


Note Sign A standard license allows running of one Carrida instance (one channel) running in parallel which can use up to 4 CPU's.


Note Sign For all licensing types, the make and model product can be activated. Even make & model licensing alone is possible.