Technical Application Note 0010

How to perform software updates on Carrida cameras

Copyright:1996-2021 Carrida Technologies GmbH, Ettlingen, Germany
Author:VC Support

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1   Introduction

This TAN describes the recommended methods which should be used to update the firmware on a Carrida camera. Depending on the actual software version on the camera, you might have to update the software using one of these methods:

  • Update using SSH direct access to the camera.
  • Update using the CameraClient Software from a PC, for releases >=4.3.2.
  • Update using the web GUI, for releases >=4.5.0, this is the preferred method.

The Carrida update package is basically a zipped bash script which needs to be executed on the camera to be updated.

The update package provided by Carrida Technologies typically has following name:

The following Sections below describe the update procedures in detail.

2   Update via the web browser

This is the recommended update procedure on all systems running firmware version 4.5.0 or higher.

In order to update the camera with a new firmware package, open the camera UI in your browser. In the Configuration page you can select the Update Software action in the System Actions list.


Select your firmware update package from the dialog and start the update process with the proceed button.


Note that the update can take up to 5 minutes, the server restarts automatically after the update is finished.

3   Update via Camera Client Tool

This procedure is available from Carrida firmware version 4.3.2 on. The update is performed from a PC which runs the CameraClient Tool, which can be downloaded form the Carrida Technologies web site.


The Update procedure with this method consists of following steps:

  1. Scan for cameras
  2. Select camera that should be updated
  3. Set administration credentials
  4. Click on Update Selected
  5. Select your update package

More information on the CameraClient Tool can be found on the Carrida Technologies documentation page.

4   Update manually via SSH/SFTP

This update method is possible on any Carrida camera, independent of the server version running on it. It is the most basic method and should work on any camera to which you have access using SSH.

Each Carrida camera which offers SSH access has a default SSH login of *root:root*.

In order to perform the update, the new firmware package needs to be uploaded on to the camera using SFTP first. Any SFTP client (Filezilla, WinScp, scp...) can be usd for this purpose, furthermore we recommend to to upload the package to the folder


on the camera.

Once the package is uploaded, use the following commands to install it:

systemctl stop anprServer

cd /tmp/

unzip carrida*zip

sh ./

The server should be started automatically when the installer bash script has completed.