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If you are a developer and you want to intgerate CARRIDA into your application, you will find all details of the CARRIDA SDK in the Section. The documentation describes developing under Windows and Linux operation systems.

Supported countries Full list of countries that are currently supported by the library
CARRIDA SDK Full documentation of the CARRIDA SDK
API process Detailed description of the API process() function
CARRIDA parameters Full description of all CARRIDA parameters that can be set up and changed
Streaming modes Detailed description of CARRIDA streaming modes
Beyond ANPR Overview of other than ANPR CARRIDA functionalities
Linux Development This technical note is aimed at Linux software developers who want to develop their own applications with the
Android Development The CARRIDA SDK for Android devices
Python Wrapper CARRIDA Python wrapper
Java Wrapper CARRIDA Java wrapper
Parallelization with lprcarrida Guidelines to achieve the best runtime performance using the available hardware resources.


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