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The documents in this Section describe and explain details of the Carrida software and hardware from a practical point of view.

Guidelines for Image Acquisition Guidelines for Image Acquisition for ANPR Sample Data and Applications
Optimize Image Acquisition for Carrida This document describes how image acquisition should be setup in order to achieve good reading results with the Carrida ANPR engine. It is relevant for all Carrida users who want to deploy and use cameras in the field.
Setting up the camera This document describes how you can set up the Carrida camera for the first time and optimize the image capturing process in order to achieve good reading results with the Carrida 4 ANPR engine.
Parallelization with lprCarrida Guidelines to achieve the best runtime performance using the available hardware resources.
How to flash the camera Guidelines to create an image of a VC Z camera to be able to clone it on another camera.
Carrida Licensing Options Licensing options for devices running Carrida.
Install Carrida on a Raspberry Pi Describes the installation of the Carrida server on a Raspberry Pi.
Enable SSL on a Carrida Camera How to enable SSL on a Carrida camera.
How to update Carrida Cameras The procedures which can be used to update the firmware on a Carrida camera.
Configure Digital IO for the Carrida Server How to setup digital IO on the Carrida ANPR server.
Reset a Carrida Camera IP address Reset a Carrida camera network interface to factory default using digital IO.
The Carrida discovery protocol How Carrida cameras can be detected in a network using a discovery mechanism.
Set a static IP address on a Carrida Dragon camera Set the Carrida Dragon camera network interface to a static IP address.