Best optimized LPR Engine from Edge Device to the Cloud

 CARRIDA presents latest LPR technology at ISC West and Intertraffic Amsterdam

Fastest reading rates and highest possible LPR accuracy, AI based vehicle identification and cross-platform optimized software: CARRIDA Technologies, provider of leading LPR software solutions and edge devices, will present its latest developments at trade shows ISC West (March 22-25, Las Vegas) and Intertraffic Amsterdam (March 29- April 01). Special to CARRIDA is the unmatched CARRIDA LPR engine, that can be flexibly deployed as OEM library, web-gui solution for easy startup and configuration on any edge device, or as an App for Android handhelds. CARRIDA will also showcase its latest stand-alone ALPR camera with onboard processing and components for easy, quick and cost-effective developments of individual ALPR applications.

ISC West Las Vegas: booth 3060

Intertraffic Amsterdam: booth 05.258

The CARRIDA SDK is highly optimized and uses the same library, feature set and programming interface for any hardware, from PC based systems with USB, GigE or IP Camera to server applications to edge devices. This allows users to implement their software across different hardware with minimal effort. It is the ideal basis for stationary and mobile solutions for access control or parking as well as traffic management, law enforcement and tolling. Using the full featured Android version, clients can also use Carrida SDK for mobile law enforcement systems, where the software runs on a local device that is connected to an LPR camera. In addition to best-in-class LPR, CARRIDA SDK offers functionality such as country / state detection, car make and model recognition and a new vehicle category classification. The LPR library is available for all countries worldwide and easily identifies two-line license plates and special characters.

CARRIDA has recently published version 4.7 of its CARRIDA Edge LPR software, with numerous enhancements and new functionalities. The update also enhances the CARRIDA Edge WebGUI.

The CARRIDA SDK detects and reads all license plates worldwide, with highest accuracy and additional features such as make & model recognition and vehicle classification. It runs hardware independent on any PC-based system, edge device or cloud / server.

The world’s smallest stand-alone ALPR camera

At the show, CARRIDA also presents CARRIDA Cam Dragon+, its new and ultra-compact ALPR camera with onboard data processing. Hardly bigger than a credit card, it features 3x higher performance compared to CARRIDA’s proven and cost-effective CARRIDA CAM Basic+. On top, the new ultra-small camera provides AI-based onboard make and model recognition. It thus perfectly matches the powerful CARRIDA LPR Engine. With its small size, the camera can be easily integrated into existing systems for stationary as well as mobile applications. It is equipped with a high-end image sensor that ensures best possible image quality and a reading accuracy of over 99 percent. The robust ALPR edge camera is available immediately, either as a ready-to-use camera or as proven and perfectly matching electronics kit for easy integration and individual developments.

Image CARRIDA Edge

Ready-to-use Camera with onboard ALPR processing or electronics kit for individual designs: CARRIDA offers versatile edge solutions for any project.