Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System for Bulgarian Roads

Reliable traffic monitoring systems for vehicle identification are in demand all over the world. The Bulgarian company atto-Systems, a provider of industrial image processing systems, developed a high-value-for-money comprehensive license plate recognition (LPR) solution for the Bulgarian market. The automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) software engine CARRIDA plays a key role in this clever combination of OEM components and customer-specific software.

In October 2015, several hundreds of these intelligent transportation systems were tested at 200 different locations across Bulgaria’s road network.

The systems allows

• a continuous traffic count,
• vehicle classification into 10 categories (e.g. passenger car, motorbike, truck),
• speed detection,
• number plate recognition for vehicle speeds up to 200 km/h in up to two traffic lanes,
• recognition accuracy of more than 95 % for Bulgarian number plates.

The ITS systems were installed on purpose-made gantries and triggered by a ground contact in the road. At the heart of this system is CARRIDA, a very fast and precise ANPR software from Germany-based embedded vision expert Vision Components, long-term partner of atto-Systems.

>95 %

recognition accurency for number plates

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Counting vehicles

Easy counting of vehicles on the roads.

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Classification of vehicles

10 categories: automobiles, motorcycles or trucks.

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Speed measurement

Easy detection of vehicle speed.

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Identification of license plates

Reliable identification at speeds of up to 200km/h and 2 traffic lanes.

ANPR Software-Engine CARRIDA

atto-Systems has complemented the CARRIDA software solution by adding a number of features to create a customer-specific all-in-one solution:

    • Pre-selection of image areas that likely contain a license plate. Only the cropped image portions are sent to CARRIDA, resulting in a more than 100 % faster image evaluation.
    • Processing routine to handle peaks in demand
    • Blacklist/whitelist option
    • Streamlined user interface for easier setup of traffic lanes and parameterisation.
    • Maximum functionality in all light and weather conditions. For this purpose, atto-Systems developed a special lighting solution and has integrated a heater, ventilation as well as temperature and moisture sensors into the weather-proof outdoor housing.
LPR System von Atto

atto-Systems Ltd.

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Sofia, Bulgaria  

Since 1998 the Bulgarian company atto-Systems is developing custom-specific software with a good price-performance ratio and main focus on industrial image processing. Hundreds of software solutions by atto-Systems are permanently in use in Bulgaria and beyond.

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“Using Carrida on the Z-board embedded camera enabled us to implement a compact solution very quickly in a cost-efficient way. Due to our long-standing partnership with CARRIDA, we know we can rely on the high quality and long-term availability of the hardware and software.”

Jörg Beutel

CEO Atto-Systems

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