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The CARRIDA Software-Engine

Our hardware-independent software library works both on PCs running Windows or Linux and ARM based Edge devices running Linux or Android.

CARRIDA Software angezeigt auf einem Monitor und einem Smartphone

Reliable, flexible and versatile

Whether number plates, barcodes, symbols or special fonts, the CARRIDA Software solution is a powerful OEM library that offers extremely reliable high-speed recognition. It can be easily integrated into a wide range of existing monitoring applications (support of C and C++ via API).

Also suitable for difficult cases

Our solution is not only unbeatable under laboratory conditions: Poor lighting conditions or constantly changing light irradiation are no problem for the CARRIDA software engine. Even damaged or bent license plates are still detected with an accuracy of more than 98 %.

On the spot or “to go”

Both our ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) software are suitable for both stationary and mobile usage. Data transfer happens via standard network protocol, so the CARRIDA solution can be easily integrated into existing systems.

CARRIDA Software example

CARRIDA Make and Model

Our Make and Model recognition offers even more security, but also additional functionality. In addition to the number plate, we are able to check whether the vehicle type matches the number plate. It is also possible to categorize vehicles whose number plates are not stored in the system itself. This allows intelligent traffic management systems and parking providers who do not know the majority of their customers to increase their efficiency enormously.

Latest AI technology

CARRIDA uses Deep Learning for Make and Model recognition. This means that the computer itself “learns” how to recognize a particular vehicle type. Therefore it is possible to run much more complex and thus more reliable recognitions. This was introduced with software version 4.3. Like all CARRIDA software, it is hardware- and manufacturer-independent (prerequisite: use of IP camera streams).

Impressive: The features of our software engine

Configuration and Compatibility

  • No complicated and labour-intensive construction: The initial setup is done just within a few steps.
  • Free image and video format selection: We support all common formats, whether from file or memory.
  • Hardware independent: Integration of IP, USB, GigE cameras, but also analog camera models (via frame grabber).

License plate recognition

  • Can be used worldwide: license plates from all countries of the world are recognized with high accuracy (>98 %).
  • Also special formats: Our software easily identifies two-line license plates.
  • No limit: No matter how many vehicles are in the picture: Every single one is recognized.

Safety and security

  • Live streaming: The data is not only on the camera, but always exactly where you need it.
  • Security standards: The entire data and image transfer is encrypted.
  • Only for authorized persons: Access to the software is protected by software protection or Crypto-Dongle.

Technical details

  • Typical reading accuracy: >98% (including damaged or bent license plates)
  • Processing time: approx. 30ms (depending on platform)
  • Quality parameters can be called up individually for each number plate and/or character read
  • Advanced angle correction in two planes
  • Use of special neuronal technology, which is constantly being developed

Runs completely without PC:


Probably the smallest standalone ALPR/ANPR camera in the world requires no additional hardware.

Our intelligent camera with integrated software engine is our all-in-one carefree package for you. The hardware of the camera is based on the powerful VC Z-series and allows our software to evaluate all data directly inside the camera.

ARM®/Linux® runs on the very space-saving camera, the energy requirement is extremely low and there is seldom a need for maintenance.


In our detailed documentation we deal with various questions that users of the CARRIDA software engine might ask themselves.

Android APK for mobile Apps

CARRIDA Software auf einem Android Handy

CARRIDA runs optimally mobile on Android. With our SDK you can easily integrate CARRIDA into your Android app! Using the supplied example app including source code, the integration is easy to implement.

On a typical middle class Android device CARRIDA achieves a reading time of approx. 300 ms for Full HD images (incl. country recognition).

Minimum requirements

  • ARM CPU with neon SIMD support
  • at least Android Lollipop (Android 5) with API level 21
CARRIDA Software on an example desktop computer

CARRIDA license

Flexibly adaptable, according to your preferences

You choose the runtime

Should the term end after a certain period or should it rather end after a fixed number of vehicle detections? Or do you simply want to make a spontaneous decision? You decide!

You choose the settlement type

According to a monthly rhythm defined by you, per vehicle detection or once again completely different? You decide!

You choose the features

Better a cloud solution than local software? Do you have special requests? Contact us – we will find a customized solution for you!

Compatible camera types

The CARRIDA software engine supports the majority of camera types available on the market


CARRIDA Cam basic+ with protection cap



Beispiel einer IP Kamera



Kamera der Firma NOTAVIS



Kamera der Firma NOTAVIS


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