CARRIDA Dragon+ for ANPR/ALPR at maximum speed

License plate and vehicle recognition in multiple applications with the powerful ANPR camera

Smart City

High-End Sensor for ANPR/ALPR & Smart Traffic

CARRIDA Dragon+ reads license plates and captures vehicle data such as type, make, model and color up to speeds of 300km/h. It provides the ideal solution for demanding ANPR applications and to determine complex traffic statistics, even in fast-moving traffic.

Integrate Dragon+ into your projects

In a robust housing for ready-to-use applications or as an electronics kit for easy integration into your solutions:
Configure Dragon+ according to your individual project requirements.

The camera provides the following information

License plate

Vehicle type

Make & Model

The camera provides the following information

License plate

Vehicle type

Make & Model

Nothing recognized?

The Dragon+ does!

Powered by the onboard ANPR Software and its powerful image sensor, the camera enables 99+ % reading accuracy, even in difficult lighting conditions and with hard-to-read license plates.


300 km/h

Reliable at vehicle speeds of up to 300 km/h.

25 m

Accurate reading results up to 25 m distance from the vehicle.

The Dragon+ has many more advantages!

Ultra-compact size. The dimensions measuring just 91.5 x 62 mm allow the camera to be integrated in a variety of ways.
Completely stand-alone. Due to the onboard ANPR software, the Dragon+ does not require an external computing unit, but works completely independently.
Powerful. The camera is equipped with a high-end image sensor from SONY, which enables high-resolution and rich in contrast image capture.
Robust. Due to the IP67 protected housing, the hardware is safe from dirt, dust and moisture and suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications thanks to the integrated heater.

Highest quality, Made in Germany. CARRIDA products are characterized by price-optimized industrial quality. They are developed and manufactured together with our partner Vision Components in Germany.

Fast processing time. Ultra-fast data processing provides real-time license plate recognition, vehicle recognition, and image analysis.
Easy installation. Initial commissioning is done in a few steps with a simple 2-cable connection for network and power/IO.

Select the appropriate working distance

Standard Range

2-8 m detection distance

Mid Range

4-16 m detection distance

Long Range

10-25 m detection distance

CARRIDA License Models

When purchasing a CARRIDA Dragon+, you can flexibly choose the license depending on the project requirements. Decide whether the term is limited to a specific period of time or is based on a fixed number of vehicle detections. You can also define the frequency of your billing, for example monthly or per detected vehicle.

The CARRIDA Dragon+ is
the perfect choice for your
ANPR/ALPR project?

Contact our team - we will find solutions for the integration of the camera and the appropriate license model together.

You need more information about the camera?

All technical details can be found in the documentation. For a summary of the main camera features, download the CARRIDA Plate-i brochure.

The perfect hardware for all ANPR/ALPR applications

The CARRIDA Dragon+ is suitable for all projects involving the recognition and reading of license plates. With its extensive additional functions and the proven CARRIDA software, it is already in use in numerous applications worldwide.