This page provides access to the full Carrida documentation. The documentation is divided into the topics demo, licensing, ANPR Cameras, SDK, ANPR Server, Android and application notes. We recommend that you start with the Carrida demo software. Then, depending on your application or use case, look into the Carrida ANPR Cameras, or checkout the Carrida Windows or Linux SDK, or the Android documentation.
CARRIDA Demo Software
Before you start using CARRIDA, you might want to try it out on your data sets or on live videos. The CARRIDA demo SW for Windows or Android allows you to do that, it is described in this Section.
How to license CARRIDA
The different licensing options and licensing mechanisms of CARRIDA are explained in this section. The topics cover the action of CARRIDA on edge devices using the web GUI, licensing CARRIDA on Windows, and the use of command line tools on Linux for the activation of a device or a PC.
This section gives you a full guide to the use of CARRIDA ANPR Cameras.
The documentation in this Section describes the software development with the Carrida SDK for the Windows and Linux operation system.
CARRIDA Server Solution
This page describes the details of the Carrida server solution, which includes the Carrida network server and the Carrida API used to communicate with the Carrida server.
CARRIDA on Android
This page describes all Android specific aspects of the Carrida SDK and SW Tools.
Technical Application notes
The documents in this Section describe and explain details of the Carrida software and hardware from a practical point of view.