Slide The ALPR/ANPR Software Solution With the Carrida software module for automatic license plate recognition, you can scan car license plates worldwide in fractions of a second. Example of number plate recognition Slide The new CARRIDA CAM Basic+ Probably the smallest stand-alone ALPR/ANPR camera solution in the world.
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Hardware independent

Whether computer, smartphone
or from any browser.

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Using Artificial Intelligence

CARRIDA recognizes license plates as well as vehicle models

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Working worldwide

Germany, USA, Russia?
CARRIDA works worldwide!

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No additional hardware required

Simply connect and start with your license plate recognition!

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Exactly how you need it

Our ALPR/ANPR solution can be flexibly adapted to your system.

Automated recognition of vehicles and license plates

License plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR)

Huge masses of vehicles cross our roads every day. Automation is indispensable in order to be able to control and evaluate them in a targeted manner. Whether for access control to restricted areas, for monitoring [running] traffic or for the management of a large fleet – with CARRIDA’s automated license plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR), even large quantities of vehicles can be classified in the shortest possible time and appropriate actions triggered.

Vehicle recognition (Make & Model)

Our vehicle recognition goes one step further. It doesn’t only recognize the plate of a vehicle, but it also recognizes the vehicle model.
Thus, even vehicles whose license plates are unknown to the system can be easily classified. An example for this are areas with limited access (e.g. only for cars and vans passable roads). In the same way, control systems (trucks to the left, buses to the right) or automatic tariff calculations (at toll stations or similar) can be implemented.

What our partners say

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Jörg Beutel

CEO Atto-Systems

“Using Carrida on the Z-board embedded camera enabled us to implement a compact solution very quickly in a cost-efficient way. Due to our long-standing partnership with CARRIDA, we know we can rely on the high quality and long-term availability of the hardware and software.” 

Bild eines Kunden

John Hurford


“The fact that CARRIDA makes it possible to read license plates worldwide isn’t something that can be taken for granted and was a decisive factor for NIS to choose this product.”

How can I use CARRIDA?


Automated access control

The time- and cost-saving alternative to manual access control. Whether on factory premises, parking lots or private roads – CARRIDA can be used flexibly and efficiently.


Enforcement missions

With the automated monitoring of moving traffic, CARRIDA supports officials in the search for individual vehicles or the control of all traffic like speed or toll.


Urban Planning &
traffic guidance systems

CARRIDA offers cities and regions the opportunity to flexibly adapt traffic flow to current conditions and draw conclusions from past events.

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Fleet Management

The management of large vehicle fleets can be made considerably easier and more efficient through automation. Vehicle maintenance, arrival and departure times and access restrictions can be easily controlled with CARRIDA.

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Your ideal partner with 120 years of experience

CARRIDA Technologies GmbH is a joint venture of the two companies „Vision Components“ (Ettlingen bei Karlsruhe) and „SL Solutions“ (Graz in Austria). The company was founded at the end of 2017 with the aim of bundling 120 man-years of experience in the fields of machine vision and embedded hardware for outstanding new computer vision products. Both companies are established players in their traditional markets.

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The expertise of two established companies combined

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30 years of experience

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Quality from Germany and Austria

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